Shaft Hoisting Equipment

Sheave & Compensating Wheels
Manufacture, machining of rope sheaves and installation of BECORIT wear resistant lining.
Based on over 25 years of sheave building experience, the company manufactures head and deflection rope sheaves in a variety of types (cast or fabricated) with sizes ranging from 600mm to 7.1m diameter or larger as per design & specification of customers.


Rope Attachments


The product range includes the manufacture of:


 - Koepe (Friction) winder attachments


 - humble-type safety detaching hooks and components


 - winding rope cappels (thimble-type)


 - rope clamps (wedge-type)




Please visit the website of our associated company Tecdraft (Pty) Ltd. for information regarding BECORIT friction lining, NYROSTEN wire rope lubrication & rope attachments.




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